Imagine being an unwanted animal

For hundreds of animals in the Cayman Islands, this is a sad reality every day.

We are Cayman’s only Animal Shelter, saving homeless cats and dogs since 1973.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

Overview, Mission, Vision

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is a registered non-profit, established in November 1973. We operate Cayman’s only Animal Shelter.

Our Team

Led by our volunteer-run Board of Directors, our team of paid staff consists of several shelter managers, a veterinarian team, and animal carers.

Our Work

We work tirelessly to rescue, nurture, care for, rehabilitate and find responsible loving homes for Cayman’s homeless cats and dogs.

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Cayman Islands Humane Society
Cayman Islands Humane Society5 hours ago
We have some sad news to share. Gemini, the dog we recently rescued, passed away on the weekend. Sarah contacted us when she saw him running on the East/West Arterial and helped to catch him. She fostered Gemini and donated towards his care and medical needs.
Unfortunately, Gemini tested positive for Heartworm and took a turn for the worse. Sarah stayed by his side to comfort him.
Heartworm disease is so easily prevented by giving the dog 1 pill per month, it does not even cost CI$10 each month.
She stopped by the shelter to show her appreciation to our staff. We appreciate you, Sarah, and thank you for caring and loving Gemini. He loved you too.💔#heartworm #heartwormkills #preventheartwormdisease #heartgard #kindness


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