Beach Training

We are always looking for volunteers to train the shelter dogs, and help them become the perfect pet for someone in the future. Beach training is held on Public Beach every Sunday from 10:00am to 11:00am. It is run by certified dog trainer Richard of Cay9 Resort and SPA.

You will learn how to train your dog to socialize with other dogs, be comfortable with leash walking, and learn some basic commands like sit, lie down and stay. You can then enjoy some social time with your dog on the beach familiarizing them with this important part of island life and teach them to swim. The idea behind is that if your dog is used to being around dogs and other people and knows some basic commands then they are more adoptable. This also gives the dogs a much needed break from shelter life and an opportunity to meet potential adopters on the beach.

Please contact our volunteer Merina Currie (email) if you plan to attend, and she will confirm the venue and date.

Can’t make it to scheduled training?

Work on your own schedule, and take a beach-trained dog for the day! Please visit us at the Shelter during opening hours, and ask our Staff to advise you. They can introduce you to the dogs or pups who would most enjoy a walk in the sand, and even perhaps a dip in the Caribbean waters with you. It is excellent exercise and endless fun for both you and the dog!