Our Team

Our life-saving team

Our organization is led by a Board of Directors, who provide strategic direction and support to our Shelter Staff – an incredible team of employees consisting of several shelter managers, a veterinarian team, shop managers and animal caretakers. 

Supporting them are a team of committed volunteers working in essential areas – running the foster programme, visiting adopters’ homes, socializing and helping care for the cats, walking dogs, assisting with marketing, social media and communications, supporting the Thrift Shops and Book Loft, and raising funds. This all helps us cover our expenses and activities and allows us to continue saving the lives of the homeless cats and dogs, supporting our community and helping our environment.

If you are interested in getting involved, get in touch!

The current Board of Directors consists of pro-bono volunteers David Lewis-Hall (President); Cassandra McAfee (Treasurer); Eric Hoskins; Julie Cumber; Lisa Volekaert; Saskia Salden; Zoe Rigney (Secretary).

Samantha’s professional background is in biology, she has a BSc and PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics with 11 years of experience working in research and teaching. Before joining the Humane Society, Samantha worked in leadership and management within the not-for-profit sector for five years in the UK.

Samantha joined the Humane Society at the end of 2021, in a volunteer capacity, with a focus on feline socialization. Later on, in 2022, Samantha took on the role of Operations Manager for the Humane Society.

In this capacity, she has overall responsibility for managing the organization and its staff. She is also responsible for liaising with the Board, implementing strategic developments and is involved in corporate fundraising and communications.

Having grown up with many animals including dogs, cats, chickens, goats and horses, among others, Samantha’s love for animals and the natural environment inspired her to pursue a career in biology and, more recently, in animal welfare. In her spare time, she loves to scuba dive and enjoy outdoor activities.

Barrie started volunteering at the Humane Society in 2017, and quickly realised animal welfare was his vocation. In 2019, he officially began working at the Humane Society as an Assistant Manager for the Animal Shelter, and in 2022, he was granted the position of Shelter Manager.

Barrie has fostered dozens of animals, many with health and behavioural issues, from new-born puppies to palliative care. He is currently fostering 7 dogs.

Barrie has had a diverse career. He started in construction running his own company, worked in Estate management which included livestock and domestic pets, and in the film industry as a screen combatant, body double, and production runner.

Barrie’s hobbies include competitive Freediving, in 2016 he was no.1 in the UK for the discipline of static Apnea with a breath hold of 6 minutes (his personal best is 7 minutes 15 seconds).

Dr Katherine has a Bachelor of Zoology with honours from the University of Leeds and completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in London.

Since graduating, she has worked in several general practices and in a small animal hospital in the UK and Jersey, Channel Islands. 

Prior to becoming a veterinarian she also worked in a Safari Park in England, working with lions, tigers, bears, wolves and Asian elephants.

Dr Katherine is passionate about animal welfare, her particular interests include surgery and emergency medicine. In her spare time her other interests include diving, travel and playing sports. 

Kim has worked as an experienced Surgical Veterinary Technician since 2004. Prior to the Humane Society, Kim spent many years working in private practice with small animals in the United States.

Kim joined our team in 2011, and has since served as the Animal Shelter’s Veterinary Technician. Her main responsibilities included providing the shelter animals with preventative care and assisting with routine and emergency surgical care and procedures. In 2022, Kim was awarded the role of Clinic Supervisor for the Humane Society. Her focus in this new position is to manage and ensure the effective operation of the medical clinic.

Animal welfare has always been something Kim is very passionate about. She finds working at the Humane Society and assisting with animal rescue extremely rewarding. She has 4 senior dogs and 2 children that keep her very busy in her spare time. On the rare occasion she gets some time to herself, she enjoys indulging in a good book.

Brittany has always had a passion for animals. She first started working with rescue animals in St. Louis Missouri, after the floods of 1993 by helping homeless animals find homes after the floods.

Her training continued when she became certified in disaster animal rescue during Hurricane Katrina. After working as a Humane Society care giver for many years she expanded her career by obtaining her Associates degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Bachelors in Biology and Archeology.

She then worked as a Pet Nurse for Banfield the Pet Hospital for many years, until she moved to Cayman. She has been a part of the Cayman community for the last 13 years where she has volunteered her free time to the Humane Society. Brittany was happy to join the Humane Society’s medical team and hopes to continue to give animals a voice in their medical wellness while providing them with the best care possible.

Rayon has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting along with Diplomas in Marine Biology and Conservation.

He has had a diverse career, he started working in the financial industry, then moved to audio-vidual production, aviation security, criminal rehabilitation, then finally found his passion in animal welfare.

Rayon fancies himself a budding underwater photo- and video-grapher. In his spare time Rayon can be found with a book, gardening, scuba diving or swimming.

Richard was delighted to be recruited to the Humane Society’s team in 2022, after having embraced Cayman as his home for the last few years. Originally from London, England, Richard is an IT & politics graduate with a management background in architecture and building services.

A passion for travel & adventure eventually brought Richard to the Caribbean, where helping animals in need, meeting amazing people and facilitating a positive, proactive environment for all is the least he can do for the Shelter!

An avid film buff, musician, scuba diver and wine lover, Rich is currently enjoying canal life in Prospect with his lovely wife Laura and two Chihuahuas, Huxley and Basil. 

CIHS 2022 Directors, pictured left to right:

  • Kylie Deegenaars
  • Julie Cumber
  • Saskia Salden
  • David Couper
  • David Lewis-Hall (President)
  • Zoe Rigney
  • Deborah Mitchell
  • Cassandra McAffee
  • Eric Hoskins
  • Lisa Volekaert